Association For Preparing Bank Of Reusing Timber
We Japanese have our own wooden architect culture which we can be proud of. 
These wooden structures have been made using natural forest resources for a long time.
Many of our traditional buildings including houses - for example Machi-ya, a traditional 
house in Kyoto city- and temples which can be seen all over Japan and are considered a 
vital part of our cultural heritage. 
These structures were constructed by our ancestors who built them with much thought and wisdom.
In those days these wooden structures were sustainable as they were built to last.
If maintained correctly the structures could be sustained for two hundred years or more.
However, times have changed and a lot of these valuable architectural structures have 
been, and are continuing to be destroyed, and the wooden materials are being wasted. 
This is due to a change in lifestyle, i.e. moving away from traditions and embracing the 
modern 'throwaway' mentality, and subsequently modern day architects have largely 
altered the way they view their work, which is now considered 'short term'.
To take in parts carefully those architectures and to raise public awareness about 
using recycled timbers. It's also to share with the present generation the wisdom of 
architectural culture.
This idea is being explored, and hopefully will be part of a major effort to conserve the 
Global environment.
We have therefore decided to establish an organization with the aim of reusing old 
timber as a natural resource. We would like to introduce our activities to the public and 
invite everybody to participate in them.

Our purpose are as follows:

1. To raise public awareness about the reuse of used timber, and to provide a
   network of contacts of people who can supply these resources.
2. To learn, and then to teach our traditional technique of architecture - exploring
   and developing these techniques so that they can be shared with future generations.
3. Through these activities instill in the members of society a willingness to
   respect the use of our natural resources.

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Kozai Bank No Kai(Association for preparing Bank of Reusing Timber)
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